Iris Fieber

Animal Portraiture

Animal Portraits

About Iris

My life has always been about art and animals. I pursued an art education (BFA in ’94 and MFA ’97), taught art for nearly 20 years as an NBCT while living in a small zoo (4 parrots, three dogs, two cats- with a very loving and patient husband). Just as I was getting into the swing of things, life threw me a couple of surprises, and health concerns forced me to move on from teaching.

As I tried to figure out what I would do next, my husband pointed out the obvious. “You love art, and you love animals, you need to do some form of ‘animal art’!”.

I hate to admit when he’s right, but he was right. I’m honestly at peace and happiest when painting animal portraits. It’s a practice that serves as a combination of work, fun, and therapy, all at the same time. When you share a photo of your pet with me, I will provide you with a beautiful way to remember your companion forever, and you would be giving me the work, fun, and therapy that I need to forget about having MS.

iris fieber painting

My studio in Wisconsin where it all happens

Me with Chewbacca and my best-friend-husband Joe

With Isadora my helper at home in Wisconsin

An injured African Grey in Cameroon

With a baby chimp (volunteering) in Cameroon